Hi, I am Marissa and my blog is intended for people who appreciate dance performances. You do not have to be a dance performer to enjoy this blog, but if you are a dance performer you will definitely be able to relate to some of posts about performing.

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I started this blog because I am a dance performer and I have dedicated my life to dance. Since I am so interested in this topic, I feel that others who have a passion for dance feel the same way. Dance has changed my life and has created the person that I am today. Dancing before an audience is exhilarating, but it is also frightening. It takes courage to perform. I want to share my personal experiences as a dancer and hopefully connect with others who have a passion for this art form.

I am extremely knowledgeable about dance, when I am not in class, sleeping or eating you can usually find me in a dance studio. I began dancing when I was three-years-old and have not stopped. Each year I began to add more dance classes to my schedule until I danced for multiple hours seven days a week. I have taken classes in New York City by well-known choreographers like Mia Michaels and Darrell Williams. I have also competed in over one hundred dance competitions like NYCDA, JUMP, and Rising Star.

There is so much that goes into dancing than than looking beautiful on a stage or in front of a crowd. Being a dancer takes passion, dedication, motivation. But there is also a darker side that includes blood, sweat, and tears… literally. You also do not have to be a dancer to appreciate my blog because even though it is focused on dance there are many life lessons you can learn from learning about anyone’s experience.