Ballet Is A Necessity For Dancers

So I know most people in this generation are not fond of taking ballet classes because we live in a fast paced world. Ballet can be slow, difficult, and for lack of a better word…boring. Today, hip-hop and jazz are the two most popular forms of dance that most people enjoy participating in. This is because hip-hop and jazz are fast, exciting, and fun. In most hip-hop and jazz classes popular music is played and danced to, instead of classical music that is played during ballet classes.

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So Why Ballet?

Dance Informa states that ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. Ballet teaches you how to concentrate and discipline yourself which applies to other forms of dance. To be a dancer in any style of dance, you have to learn how to focus to learn the correct technique to prevent injuries or improper movement. According to Capital City Dance, the more you study and practice ballet, the more you will excel in other styles of dance. Believe it or not, even some hip-hop moves stem from ballet!

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Take if From Me

I’ve never enjoyed ballet class because when I cannot do something the first time I try it, I get extremely frustrated. Ballet is difficult and that is why many people, including me do not enjoy it. After a couple of years taking different styles of dance, I only wanted to take jazz because I had no desire to become a ballerina. But, I had to face the truth. Even if you do not want to become a ballerina, you still have to take ballet in order to excel in other styles of dance. So, I continued to take ballet to practice correct technique and apply it into jazz.

Slowly but surely, I noticed my improvements in other styles of dance from taking ballet. Not only did ballet push me to be the best dancer that I could possibly be, it also taught me lessons that I could apply in my everyday life. Ballet has taught me that when something is difficult you can’t give up if you don’t get it the first tie you try. It taught me how to push myself by doing things that I do not always want to do. It also taught me discipline and strength which has shaped me into the person that I am today.

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What are your thoughts on ballet?


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